Downward trend for abortions welcomed

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Family Life International NZ welcomes the news that the 2012 abortion figures are once again significantly down on the previous year.

In the year ended December 2012, 14,745 induced abortions were recorded as opposed to 15,863 in 2011.

“It is wonderful to see the downward trend continue” said Dame Colleen Bayer, the organisation’s founder and national director.

These are the lowest figures since 1995 when 13,652 induced abortions were recorded.

While abortions in most of the age categories have declined, there has been a small rise in women aged 30-34 and 45 years plus.

The highest numbers of abortions were recorded in the 20-24 year age group (4,560) a trend that is consistent year on year.

“It would appear that the growing use of long-acting contraceptives such as Jadelle and IUDs are contributing in part to the lower number of abortions occurring each year in New Zealand” Dame Colleen mused.

Some groups are calling for further funding and easier access to the long-acting contraceptives in light of the statistics revealed today. However, these contraceptives work, at least in part, by preventing newly conceived human life from implanting in the womb. In this way they can cause chemical abortions.

“No one knows the true figure of human lives lost from the moment of conception in New Zealand. Let us not forget the ones whose lives will never be recorded.”

In 2011 almost 48% of women had been recorded as using contraception at the time of their abortion.

Further, it has been shown in numerous studies that abortion causes a greater incidence of anxiety, illicit drug use and suicidal behaviour.

“We care for the woman, her present need and her future health and well-being, therefore we hope that the coming year will see a further drop in abortions in New Zealand. That will be the best outcome for women” Dame Colleen espoused.

Family Life International NZ will continue to offer support to girls and women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. They also offer confidential counseling for women who have had an abortion and would like to find healing.

Family Life Crisis Pregnancy Centre can be contacted on 0800 367 5433 or visit

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