Family First’s traditional family views deemed ‘controversial’

Family First is to be removed from the Charities Register weeks after the passing of the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill because it has been deemed by the Charities Registration Board that their main purpose is political.

The Board have also said that Family First’s views on the family are “controversial” and that “the points of view do not have a public benefit that is self-evident as a matter of law.”

Since when was standing up for a traditional view of the family and of marriage as being between one man and one woman controversial?  Certainly half of New Zealander’s didn’t support the Marriage Amendment Bill, but they were ignored.  80% of New Zealander’s didn’t support the law which has become known as the “anti-smacking” law, but they were ignored.  Isn’t the real controversy in the fact that the politicians are not listening to the people, so groups like Family First need to speak up loud and clear in order that the people’s views are at least given some chance to be heard?

Sadly, the powers that be don’t see the public benefit of many of the things Family First stand for.  In particular, they cannot see the further damage that will occur to society in the years to come now that our country has accepted same-sex ‘marriage’.

The Charities Registration Board have not seen that in the “Protect Marriage” campaign, Family First have been able to educate the public about the true nature of marriage.  Education is one of the activities allowed by Charities and Family First do that.  It just so happens that the social depravity in our country (led by our politicians who wish to decriminilize everything once held as immoral), is getting so bad that the need to speak out is urgent.  It seems the Registration Board picked a time to investigate Family First when it was known the charity would be very vocal and very active politically as a matter of course.

It is a worrying prospect to think that any charity that dears to speak up against the politically correct party-line may be removed from the Charities Register in an effort to be silenced.  Democracy is fast becoming something of the past and our government and their departments are beginning to look very totalitarian.


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