Auckland Police Investigating an Attack on an Abortion Clinic

Auckland Medical Aid CentreOr so says One News.  Actually, it turns out the Police are not investigating an attack on an abortion clinic.  When one actually goes further than the opening line of the video, it is revealed that the so-called “attack” was on a car which belongs to a nurse who works at AMAC.

AMAC (Auckland Medical Aid Centre) is an independent abortion clinic, situated on Dominion Road in Mt Eden, Auckland.  It has been established since 1974, although for a short time (1977-1979) it closed due to not having a licence to operate under the then new Contraception, Sterlization and Abortion Act, 1977.

The “attack” consisted of having the car’s fuel-line cut.  The nurse, when discovering that the car wouldn’t start, rung the Police.

One News has reported Hilary Graham-Smith from the New Zealand Nurses Organisation as saying “To think that somebody would attack a nurse for carrying out her duties is really quite deplorable.”   This was followed by Dr Morgan Healy from ALRANZ (Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand) saying “We’d be concerned that this might be sort of an upscale of activism in terms of a fringe anti-choice movement that are looking to target abortion clinics.”

It seems that pro-lifer’s have been targeted as the perpetrator’s of this crime, even though there is no evidence to suggest such a thing.

Thanks to Trevor ‘Ofamo’oni who, standing outside AMAC, during a weekly Prayer Vigil, told the One News reporter “We’re not here to attack people, we’re not here to take away people’s rights but at the same time they take people’s rights away and they attack people in the womb.”

The pro-life movement in New Zealand is peaceful.  We have moved on from the days when the odd attack occured at abortion clinics.  Certainly, our main concern today is helping women to get through the issues that they see as obstacles to them carrying their unborn child through to birth.  As such, Family Life International would never condone someone cutting the fuel-line of a car, or any other destructive action either to a person, or to property.

The Police need to investigate the matter further, taking into account the fact that it could have been a random crime which had nothing to do with what the nurse does.  They also need to consider the possibility that the attack on the car was by a hurting father who did not wish his unborn child to be killed at the hands of the staff at AMAC.

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  1. Trevor’s comment was appended in the 6pm news report that I saw. I think they showed the “We’re not here to attack people” part, and cut the rest out. Typical.

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