Marriage could be redefined to include polygamy

PolygamyDo not believe that the agenda to redefine marriage will stop at including same-sex couples. Those of us who actively oppose throughout the Western World the moves to legalise same-sex “marriage”, understand that it is quite a logical conclusion, that at some point down the road, lobbying will begin for marriage of other irregular relationships – such as polygamy (otherwise known as polyamory).

Strange as it may sound now, polygamy could very well be the next step in redefining marriage.  Don’t forget that it wasn’t that long ago that the very thought of two people of the same-sex being together in a civil union or marriage seemed as far-fetched as sending a man to the moon was 500 years ago.  It just was not going to happen.  It was laughable, and dismissed.  Yet here we are, on the brink of redefining marriage to include unions of the same-sex.

As Michael Cook from MercatorNet explains below, the movement to lobby for polygamy is already there.  It is very small, but it is very real.

Taking same-sex marriage step by step

Australian activists for same-sex marriage have always insisted, that it will not lead to polygamy or polyamory. Never, ever, ever. Gay marriage is just like traditional marriage, except for the sex of the spouse. Activist Rodney Croome wrote last year that “studies show most LGBTI people want to be part of a two-person marriage, while partners in polyamorist relationships (most of which begin as heterosexual unions) say they don’t want their relationships recognised as marriages.” Former Greens leader Bob Brown described a push for polyamory as “nonsense”.

This is a crucial point for supporters. If they were to concede that same-sex marriage would ultimately lead to polygamy and more imaginative forms of marriage, they would prove that there is a slippery slope. So they are forced into vehement denials.

How odd, then, that a Polyamory Action Lobby (PAL) has been founded in Australia “to combat the image of poly people as relationship bogeymen”.

PAL is testing the waters by spruiking a public petition on, an internet site for activists. “For too long has Australia denied people the right to marry the ones they care about. We find this abhorrent. We believe that everyone should be allowed to marry their partners, and that the law should never be a barrier to love. And that’s why we demand nothing less than the full recognition of polyamorous families.”

PAL contends there is no rational reason adults should not be able to form committed relationships with more than one person. “Polyamory often isn’t a choice; if people love more than one person, they can’t help it,” says its manifesto. The argument for same-sex relationships runs in the same groove: it can’t be helped; it can’t be denied; it is wholesome and loving.

“We’re sick of being treated like the bottom of a slippery slope, the fat end of the wedge and the scary inevitable consequence of legalizing same-sex marriage,” it continues.

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