Dr Death Holds Exit Workshops in NZ

Euthanasia: Killing or Caring?Once again, Dr Philip Nitchzke, from Australia has been in New Zealand holding his “Exit Workshops” in which he gives practical information on how to use accessible items to end one’s life.  The workshops were held in Auckland and Wellington last week.

Ever innovative, Nitzchke has launched a beer brewing company called “Max Dog Brewing” which can legally buy and sell nitrogen for the purposes of brewing beer in Australia.  Nitrogen, apparently, can also be used to commit suicide.

He has been reported as saying

“If you were just going to say that we’re marketing this product [nitrogen] only to help people die, there would be possible objections to that…

“Certainly in Australia it’s very clear the gas can be used for brewing. We make it very clear that you can use it for a peaceful death or you can use it for brewing…

“I suppose you can do it for both if you wanted to – you can brew and then at some point you could use it to end your life.”

At Nitchzke’s workshops, he provides information to attendees on how to obtain items to successfully commit suicide.  He bases the workshops on his ebook “The Peaceful Pill eHandbook”, which is a “how-to” book.

When commenting in Wellington on the End of Life Choices Bill Maryanne Street has in the ballot box, he told attendees that

“(It is) I think one of the best pieces of law drafted on this issue…. Let’s hope this law passes. It’s the most progressive in the world.”

And with those words, New Zealander’s should be concerned.  If the End of Life Choices Bill is pulled from the ballot, we may see one of the most progressive pieces of legislation in the world come into law in our own backyard.  Given the abuses of euthanasia laws where it is legal, we should expect many abuses if this legislation goes through.

Currently euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and these three US States – Montana, Oregan and Washington.

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