The Real War on Women is Abortion

prowoman2The Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ), yesterday called for abortion to be decriminalised in New Zealand, making access to abortion available to all and without having to meet criteria.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Roe v Wade case in the United States which legalised abortion throughout pregnancy in that country.  ALRANZ has used this anniversary to call for the same decriminalisation here.   ALRANZ claimed that Roe v Wade gave women a right to privacy and access to safe and legal abortions.

If Roe v Wade made abortion safe in the US, why is it that there are so many reports of botched abortions, deaths and dirty clinics with dodgy staff?  The women and girls who suffer terrible complications and even die while under going a so-called safe and legal abortion would speak differently on this.

The attitude towards abortion in the US is changing.  Forty years of legal abortion has shown that the real war on women is abortion.  The negative effect of abortion on women mentally and physically cannot be denied.  Many abortionists and clinic staff are leaving their jobs, realising that they are not helping women, but hurting them.

There are approximately 2,500 Pregnancy Centres in the United States as opposed to 1,800 abortion providers.  Pregnancy Centres care for and support the women they see, looking after their needs so that they can continue their pregnancy without feeling pressured by financial, emotional or practical constraints.  The care women receive from Pregnancy Centres gives them hope.  We see it all the time in our Pregnancy Centres in Auckland and Wellington.  The women thank us for helping them through a really tough patch in their lives, they thank us for being their friend.

On the flip side, we also see women who have had abortions.  We hear their stories of pain and deep grief for the child they have lost.  Often times these women have lost all hope.

This Friday 800,000 people are expected to congregate at the National Mall in Washington DC to March for Life.  On Saturday, thousands are expected to congregate in San Francisco for the annual Walk for Life.  Women who have had abortions will speak from the heart.  There is nothing more powerful than the testimony of one who has been there.

Yes, 40 years after Roe v Wade, and 35 years after the last reform of New Zealand’s abortion law, it is time for a re-think.  It is time to treat women with the dignity and respect they deserve.  It is time to end the war on women that is abortion.

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