Respect Life Month – Day Ten

euthanasia and assisted suicide“It is necessary to state firmly once more that nothing and no one can in any way permit the killing of an innocent human being, whether a fetus or an embryo, an infant or an adult, an old person, or one suffering from an incurable disease, or a person who is dying. Furthermore, no one is permitted to ask for this act of killing, either for himself or herself or for another person entrusted to his or her care, nor can he or she consent to it, either explicitly or implicitly. Nor can any authority legitimately recommend or permit such an action. For it is a question of the violation of the divine law, an offense against the dignity of the human person, a crime against life, and an attack on humanity… The pleas of gravely ill people who sometimes ask for death are not to be understood as implying a true desire for euthanasia; in fact, it is almost always a case of an anguished plea for help and love. What a sick person needs, besides medical care, is love, the human and supernatural warmth with which the sick person can and ought to be surrounded by all those close to him or her, parents and children, doctors and nurses.” (Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Declaration on Euthanasia).

  • Support your local hospice by volunteering your time. Or deliver some items to your local hospice shop (make sure the items are clean and in good saleable condition).

Prayer for the Terminally Ill

Lord Jesus, you healed so many during your public ministry.  I bring before you now in prayer, all those who are terminally ill – those afflicted with cancer, AIDS, and other illnesses.  Look lovingly and compassionately upon them.  Let them feel the strength of your consolation.  Help them and their families accept this cross that they are asked to carry.  Let them see you carrying their cross, with them, at their side, as you once carried yours to Calvary.  May Mary be there too, to comfort them.  Lord Jesus, I know that if it is your will, you can cure those I pray for (especially N.)I place my trust in you.  I pray with faith, but I also pray as you did in Gethsemene:  Your will be done.  Bless us Lord and hear my prayer.  Amen.

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