Playboy’s Great Marketing Coup

Last week driving home, I passed a dairy with a sign saying “Playboy Energy Drink sold here”.  I did a double-take.  They manufacture energy drink now?  Over the last few years more and more Playboy items have been filling the shelves of everyday shops.  They are successfully selling anything from key rings to car seat covers to jewellery.  Scarily, this brand has become incredibly popular with young girls, who are snapping up every new item that they can get their hands on.

I am not sure what drives young girls to want to have all this merchandise.  The only thing I can think of is that they must not know what Playboy is really about.  Certainly, I would hope that 8 year old girls do not know what Playboy is about.

It is incredibly irresponsible of all merchandise buyers to promote this brand, because in doing so they further add to the culture of sexualisation of girls.

Hugh Hefner must be laughing all the way to the bank.  Not only has he been successful disseminating his magazine widely since 1953, he is ensuring his brand of sex and exploitation of women continues into the next generation.

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