Pro-Life Month – Day Nineteen

“I started changing my mind in 1973, when advanced technology moved into our hospitals and offices. I speak now of ultrasound imaging, fetal heart monitoring electronically, hysteroscopy, fetoscopy—things that gave us a window into the womb. Over a period of 3 or 4 years, I mulled over these technologies and what they revealed” (Bernard Nathanson)

  • Many abortionists and clinic staff members have had major conversions because people have prayed for them. Pray for the abortionists and other staff who work at your local abortion mill or hospital that they may have the courage to turn away from the killing of innocent preborn children.

Prayer for Abortionists and Their Staffs
Lord, we lift up to you all abortionists and their staffs, including all technicians, nurses, receptionists, counselors, chaplains, and all who are employed or voluntarily assisting with the killing of the unborn in any way.  We place each one of them in the innermost recessess of Your Sacred Heart — Your Heart of Mercy, compassion and love for all Your children.

We pray that they will accept the supernatural graces that You give them this day to renounce the horrific killing of Your children; the psychological, physical, and spiritual harm they are doing to the women through their actions; and the tremendous spiritual, physical and psychological harm they are doing to themselves.

Give them an abundance of courage and strength to say “no” to murder and to escape the culture of death and the constant torment
and resentment that they experience in their lives.

As they approach You, encourage them to draw nearer, remove the veil that covers their eyes and blinds them to the truth.  Pour out Your tender, loving mercy upon them that they will see the truth, the reality, and the consequences of their actions.  Draw them into the light of Your love and penetrate their souls with the light of truth, the light of Your knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

We pray this in the holy name of Jesus, through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary.

For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on them and on the whole world.

St. Gianna Beretta Molla, pray for them.
Blessed Anna Maria Taige, pray for them.
Pope John Paul, the Great, pray for them.

Jean M Heimann

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