With forty years of pro-life service in New Zealand, nineteen as the director of Family life International NZ, I have gained a little experience and, please God, just a little wisdom over the years as to the means the ‘dark one’ employs to cause disharmony and dissention amongst well meaning, good intentioned people who truly all want to serve God through working for a Culture of Life in this nation and beyond.

This year we have seen at least three priests from USA who have been or are deeply involved in the pro-life movement attacked and maligned . Some people think it their duty to join the frey, blogging and speaking about these priests and others whom they judge to have perceived weaknesses, often with little facts to base their accusations on. It is grossly unfair to all parties to spread gossip etc over the internet and further the grief already caused. Nobody knows the true facts and these matters are between the priests, their bishops and their Maker.

It is most unfortunate to read blogs from here in NZ showing photographs of the priests and writing as judge and jury. This causes more distress and concerns to an already hurting church.

It is timely I believe to reflect on the words of St Josemaria Escriva. (Christ is Passing By 72)

“And let us resolve never to become sad if our upright conduct is misunderstood by others. If the good which, with the continuous help of Our Lord, we try to accomplish is misinterpreted by others, who delight in unjustly guessing at our motives and accuse us of wicked designs and deceitful behaviour. Let us forgive always, with a smile on our lips. Let us speak clearly, without hard feelings, when in conscience we think we ought to speak. And let us leave everything in the hands of our Father God, with a divine silence- “Jesus was silent”- if we are confronted with personal attacks, no matter how brutal and shameful they might be. Let us concern ourselves only with doing good deeds. God will see to it that they “ shine before men”.”

Therefore my friends I implore each and everyone of us who aspire to promote the Culture of Life in this country to be firstly concerned with our own souls and then to try as best we can with the grace of God to serve our brothers and sisters. Do not waste precious time in being diverted by the unfortunate circumstances of others.

The daily post on this site throughout this pro-life month of October of pro-life quotes and encouragements are meant precisely for this purpose.

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