Embracing God’s Plan for Love and Life

Following on from last week’s blog, “The Legacy of Dissent from Humanae Vitae” I thought it appropriate to discuss the beauty of following God’s Plan for Love and Life – which means embracing the teaching of Humanae Vitae.

The world today would argue that if it is not God’s plan for us to artificially regulate births, (by using artificial contraception, sterilization and abortifacients), then He is a cruel God for making women endure many pregnancies.  This of course, would be followed by the usual discussion of the male dominated Church oppressing women.

However, far from being cruel, God, our Father and Creator has made both women’s and men’s bodies to work in such an incredible way.  He had a plan from the beginning and once we embrace that plan instead of fighting it we are liberated and set free!  We do not need pills or condoms or to mutilate our bodies purposefully in order to space or avoid the birth of more children. God in His infinite wisdom, has created the woman’s body to have a natural cycle which can be read and understood so that in fertile times the marital embrace can be avoided if necessary.

The Catholic Church has always taught that the marital embrace is for the procreation of children and for the giving of love.

If, then, there are serious motives for spacing births, motives deriving from the physical or psychological condition of husband or wife, or from external circumstances, the Church teaches that it is then permissible to take into account the natural rhythms immanent in the generative functions and to make use of marriage during the infertile times only, and in this way to regulate births without offending the moral principles that we have just recalled. (Humanae Vitae #16)

From a moral point of view when there is grave reason, for which the married couple has to decide with God, it is permissible to practice Natural Fertility Regulation.  God will ask of some couples to have one, two or three children, others may be asked to accept more children and have large families.  No matter how many children are gifted by God, the couple who practices Natural Fertility Regulation can be at peace knowing that they have done nothing to artificially prevent the birth of children whom God wished to exist for all eternity.

There are many benefits to embracing this way of married life including (but not limited to):

  • A deeper relationship with each other as more communication is required than if the marital embrace was available at all times.
  • A deeper committment to God as the couple learns to trust in His will.
  • NFR doesn’t interfere with the natural reproductive system.
  • The woman does not need to take synthetic hormones which can be detrimental to her health.
  • There is very limited cost involved (usually a teaching fee applies only).

At Family Life International we teach the Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Fertility Regulation. The method can be used to achieve or postpone pregnancy and the World Health Organisation has declared it to be 99.5% effective. This rate is comparable with the Pill and other forms of contraceptives and abortifacients. We teach the method in full accord with the Catholic Church teaching.

Please contact our office for more information regarding Natural Fertility Regulation.  Details here.

Please note: At Family Life International NZ, we prefer to speak of Natural Family Planning (NFP) as Natural Fertility Regulation (NFR).  In New Zealand the connotations of “family planning” turn one’s mind directly to the Family Planning Association who promote and enable an anti-life mentality. 

Would you like to read more about Natural Fertility Regulation?  Fire of Your Love recently had a Say Yes to Life Blog Carnival.  Here you can read what other bloggers have written about NFR/NFP and being open to life.  Please note that Family Life International NZ may not necessarily agree with all that is written in these blogs.

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