Respect Life Month 2020

October is recognized as a month in which to respect human life. Here Family Life International provide daily reflections, prayers and concrete actions that you can undertake to help rebuild a culture of life and a civilization of truth and love.

Links will be provided for each post on the day they are published.

Day One: Respect Life Month 2020

Day Two: Caring for the Disabled

Day Three: Pray outside an abortion centre

Day Four: Voting for Life

Day Five: Day of Prayer to Respect Life

Day Six: Fearlessly proclaim the truth

Day Seven: Love is the answer

Day Eight: Euthanasia a Crime against Life

Day Nine: We are sent to Serve Life

Day Ten: Abortion, the Greatest Destroyer of Peace

Day Eleven: Valuing the Vulnerable

Day Twelve: Children are a blessing

Day Thirteen: Conversion of Abortion Workers

Day Fourteen: An attitude of care for our neighbour

Day Sixteen: Be Informed

Day Seventeen: Precious Feet

Day Eighteen: Volunteers are the heart of the pro-life movement

Day Twenty-One: Praying to End Abortion

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