Planned Parenthood shooting deplorable

Family Life International NZ deplores the shooting which took place outside Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood in the United States on Friday.

Three people were killed when a man, Robert Lewis Dear, allegedly opened gunfire outside the Planned Parenthood facility.  Another nine were injured.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims killed by this senseless act, and also to those who have been injured” said Family Life International NZ’s spokesperson, Michelle Kaufman.

According to their website, the facility performs abortions up until 18 weeks and 6 days.

It is not known what the motive for the shooting was at this time.  However, if it was opposition, even in part, to abortion, then Family Life International NZ wants to make it clear that “violence in order to oppose violence is never, ever right.”

“Abortion brutally takes the life of a pre-born child and it harms women, it harms families, but our response must always be one of love, of concern and care.”

Family Life International NZ, which organises vigils outside of abortion facilities, wants to emphasise that their approach is peaceful and prayerful.  “We want to reach out to pregnant mothers who think they have no other choice than to have an abortion” said Mrs Kaufman.

“Often, abortion seems to be the best solution at the time, that once it is done they’ll be able to get on with life.”

While that might be true for some, and often relief is the initial feeling, the ongoing repercussions of the abortion often stay with a woman for a life-time.   Some will suffer physically, many will suffer emotionally.

In 2014, the Abortion Supervisory Committee reports that six New Zealand women had their uterus perforated during the abortion procedure; 27 women haemorrhaged;   and 41 suffered other complications.

Family Life International NZ provides support for pregnant women facing an unexpected pregnancy so that they are empowered to follow their dreams and choose life for their baby.  The organisation also walks with women who regret their abortion and now seek healing and forgiveness.

Kaufman also emphasises that they wish to reach out to abortion facility workers, and hospital staff who assist in whatever way in the abortion process.  “People who work in abortion facilities matter too.  We want them to know that we care about their well-being.”

Abortion is a violent act.  Violence in order to oppose this violent atrocity will never be the answer.

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