Whom do they serve?

It appears to be generally understood by the public that aborted foetal cells are absolutely necessary for research. There is a benefit to taking the life of a child – all for the greater good we are told. “Similar to organ donation” would be a comparable explanation to justify and placate the curious. But is this really the case; that using the cells, tissue and body parts of an unborn child is advantageous to medical research? After all, who wants to see somebody suffer with a debilitating illness such as Parkinsons when there’s a potential cure just waiting to be found? It could even sound cruel to deny an expert the opportunity to investigate a pathway that is “life-saving”.

Underpinning though unspoken is that in order for a life to be saved or a cure for an unbearable illness found, a life must be taken. A life for a life; somebody gives their life in order to theoretically save the life of another. Generally, we refer to a person who makes the decision to sacrifice their life for another, as heroic. But with an unborn child, they do not make this decision. This brutal decision is made for them; the sacrificial lambs.

Apart from taking these claims at face-value, does this assertion hold up to scrutiny? Based on the strength and regularity of these claims, there should be overwhelming evidence to validate the advantage of utilising aborted tissue. According to Deb Vinnedge, Exec. Director of Children of God for Life, research on foetal tissue has not produced any great advances in medicine. She adds that utilising moral sources accomplishes the same result as using harvested foetal tissue to the extent that there is not one single use of aborted foetal tissue or cells that has not been accomplished using moral sources as well. The question that arises is why do these research organisations persist in utilising these “sources of promise”?

Research on aborted foetal tissue generally falls into 3 areas: Transplantation to treat diseases and injuries; Development of vaccines and Basic biology research. Foetal research is not new, having being conducted from as early as the 1930’s. What is chilling is that this research was conducted on foetuses at gestational ages at which science now proves, feel pain. Furthermore, conditions that were treated unsuccessfully by aborted tissue, are now routinely treated by adult stem cells.

However, most widely-known is the usage of aborted cells in the manufacture of vaccines. Popular claims are that this area has been the main benefit to society as a result of foetal tissue research. Again Deb Vinnedge states that with the exception of chickenpox, moral alternatives are available for every other vaccine – derived from animal cell lines. Even with the recent Ebola virus scare, statements were made that foetal tissue was “absolutely critical” for the development of a vaccine. Firstly, we note again the use of emotive language by an ‘expert’.  Secondly and most important, this claim proved to be incorrect in that Merck developed a vaccine derived from an animal cell line which reports state, showed promise in clinical trials. In fact, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has ruled out the usage of foetal cells to make vaccines “now or in the future”. So why do these scientist persist? Not hard to fathom the reason why – money.

A recent NZ Herald article states that prior to research, a mother must give consent for the aborted tissue to be used. Further; that the matter can’t be raised until after she has decided to have an abortion. One wonders if the abortion-facility staff ever let mothers know that some of their children will be deliberately born alive and then killed so as to harvest their organs; this claim made by a lab technician in the recent video a first-hand witness to these barbaric acts. This claim is not isolated with research documenting these horrific acts since the 1930’s – including development of the polio vaccine.

I am reminded of how children especially, were killed in certain parts of the world and their organs harvested for the diabolic activity of ‘black magic’. The organs were removed many a time with the child still alive and used to make potions or even to bewitch another person. Sounds far-fetched? This diabolical targetting of one person over another has recently publicly surfaced in the USA.

It is said that the potency of these diabolic concoctions are directly linked to whether a child is alive or not. In other words, the screams of a child as their organs are removed increases the effectiveness of these diabolic ‘medicines’. As if to reinforce the diabolical aspect of abortion, a former satanist states that he had participated in ritual abortions, diabolic sacrifices – including those inside abortion facilities. Our Lords words “Some demons can only be driven out through prayer and fasting” remind us of the urgent need to pray outside abortion facilities.

As the late and holy Fr John Hardon says, abortion is a pagan sacrifice. Recall that when pagan societies were Christianised; when the Light of Christ entered their land, sacrifices of children to false gods was eradicated. Fast-forward to the 21st century, paganism is back in vogue. And darkness descends; child sacrifice, again to insatiable blood-thirsty ‘gods’. When Christ is dethroned from society, He is replaced by idol worship. Pope emeritus Benedict XVI pointed to the modern idols of individualism and materialistic consumerism as holding sway. He affirms that within this ‘mindset’, a person is devalued and if devalued, one could add, ready to be exploited or treated as less than human. Vulnerable elements of society then become as the title of David Daleiden’s project is known, “Human Capital”.



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