Another study showing abortion and breast cancer link

breast cancer ribbonYet another study has been released from India which shows that there is a very strong link between abortion and breast cancer.

In an article written by Steven Mosher from the Population Research Institute, the results from 12 studies undertaken in India are shown.  All 12 studies show an increased risk for developing breast cancer in women who have had abortion.

The average “odds ratio” of developing breast cancer in each of the studies was at least 1.  But the average “odds ratio” for all 12 studies came out at 5.54.  Mosher explains that this means a woman has “a 554% increased risk of developing breast cancer” if she has had an induced abortion.

This is shocking news!

Mosher points out that India is a great place to do this sort of study as the women “marry early, do not use the pill, have multiple pregnancies, and breastfeed their babies.  In other words, all of the other major risk factors for breast cancer are … absent.”

In the West, it is hard to pinpoint the abortion breast cancer link when so many other risk factors are present.

It is time that abortion advocates put aside their rhetoric of “choice” and really look at the evidence that women are at risk of developing breast cancer after an induced abortion.  The pro-abortion ideology of “choice” and “rights” should not cloud the truth that women are being put at unnecessary risk of developing this cancer that robs families of wives, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters and aunts.


Read Steven Mosher’s article Out of India comes yet more evidence that abortion causes breast cancer.

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