The Greens: vote for me. Really?

Vote Green?

On Friday, New Zealand’s Green Party declared that they will liberalise abortion laws by removing it from the Crimes Act, as well as making it legal for late term abortions for fetal anomalies.

The Greens have done what no other political party would dare do – especially in an election year.  And those who are pro-abortion are rejoicing.

But what about the pre-born child whose life has a target on his or her head?

Last election the Greens campaigned that a vote for them would be a vote for the futures of pre-born children.

But a human person’s value, it seems, is only dictated by those who are more powerful than the person whose life is at stake.

How ironic today to view this picture featuring the rounded bellies of mothers who are Green supporters with the words “vote for me”.

Here, the value, the existence and the reality of the child hidden inside each mother’s womb was acknowledged and even celebrated.

But in this year’s election, a vote for Green will not be a vote for the vulnerable pre-born child.  Neither will it be a vote for women.  It will be a vote for death.

It will be a vote for one person’s right to exercise power over another.  It will be a vote to eradicate those whom individuals wish not to exist.





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