New Zealand Family Planning Association now in the business of providing abortions

6 weeks in uteroThe NZ Family Planning Association has applied for and received a license from the Abortion Supervisory Committee to provide early medical abortions at its Tauranga clinic.

The only information was a short reference to the application and granting of the license in the Abortion Supervisory Committee’s Meeting Minutes from January of this year.  However, a phone call to the Tauranga Family Planning Association revealed that a medical abortion could be obtained at that clinic by making an appointment or by getting a referral from a GP.  The abortion could only take place up until 9 weeks, and it was stressed that criteria had to be met and the client would need to see two doctors.  Later abortions are done at Thames Hospital.

All of this has been done in secrecy.

One can deduce that they did not want pro-lifer’s to hinder their application in any way, as it was when they applied for a license in 2009.  At that time all the New Zealand pro-life groups banded together to stop the Family Planning Association from obtaining a license to be an abortion provider.  People protested in Hamilton (where FPA were trying to get a license), in Wellington and they marched in the streets of Christchurch at that time in support of life.  It was reported that the Family Planning Association withdraw their application after many months.

The FPA probably did not want the contraversy which surrounded the license of Southland Hospital to perform abortions either.

But for the Abortion Supervisory Committee to grant a license without any diaglogue with the public is just wrong.  Where is the transperancy? What is the terms of the license?  Are we going to see all of the FPA’s 30 clinics begin to offer medical abortions?

There is clearly a conflict of interests in this application.  The Family Planning Association have been champions of the pro-abortion cause since its inception.  They firmly believe in “choice”.  It is not possible for the FPA to give unbiased counselling to a girl (most of their clients are under the age of 22 after all) who presents with an early pregnancy.  Certainly, they are not going to explain that the child within her womb has a beating heart which will be snuffed out when she swallows the pill mifepristone, (otherwise known as RU-486).

The NZ Family Planning Association is an affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation.  They will be holding a conference later this year with Cecile Richards, President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund.  Planned Parenthood of America has had some bad press lately, and even if they are receiving support from President Obama for their “great services”; their lies, deception and cover-ups are all being revealed.  In time, this American empire will fall.  So too will the NZ Family Planning Association and all those who in the name of “choice” devalue the dignity of women and their unborn children.

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