Sunday Star Times Publishes Biased Article on the Family Planning Association’s Challenged Charity Status by Right to Life

The charity status of the New Zealand Family Planning Association has been questioned by Right to Life, who has lodged a complaint with the Charities Commission.

An article was published yesterday regarding the complaint.  Biased from the very first word, the author of the article, Marika Hill, attempted to discredit Right to Life and all pro-lifer’s in general.  Her opening paragraph reads:

Anti-abortionists are taking aim at the charity status of the Family Planning Association in their latest assault against women and pro-choice organisations.

Sadly Marika has believed the propaganda that anyone who stands in the way of so-called “reproductive rights” is against women.

Pro-lifer’s disagree.

True advancement for women is won when their inherent femininity is embraced.

Advancement for women doesn’t occur through pumping them with contraceptives, fitting them with foreign objects (such as Jadelle and IUDs), encouraging them (from a very young age) to be sexually active with whomever they please (raising their chances of contracting an STI or falling pregnant unexpectedly) and then advocating for “rights” to kill their unborn children when they discover they are pregnant in a situation where they don’t want to be.  The Family Planning Association would even like to have the opportunity to administer medical abortion for these women and girls.

It’s time the media started using correct terms.  They need to drop the liberal rheteroic.  They need to start reporting with honesty, truth and proper enquiry.

Pro-lifer’s are for life.  That is what the term means.  Life for the woman and life for the unborn child within her womb.

The real war on women is being caused by the so-called pro-choice groups.  Abortion, contraception and sterilization are all “reproductive health” measures that were supposed to liberate women.  Instead they have enslaved them.

Marika Hill should be reprimanded for her biased “reporting” and apologise to Right to Life for her careless and ill-thought-out words.

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