Respect Life Month – Day Twenty-Five

large family“Dear families, rejoice in fatherhood and motherhood! Openness to life is a sign of openness to the future, confidence in the future, just as respect for the natural moral law frees people, rather than demeaning them! The good of the family is also the good of the Church.” (Pope Benedict XVI)

  • Be encouraging of couples who announce they have been blessed with another child. This becomes even more important when the couple already has three, four, five or more children.

Blessing of Parents Before the Birth of their Child

Gracious Father, your Word, spoken in love, created the human family and, in the fullness of time, your Son, conceived in love, restored it to your friendship.  Hear the prayers of N. and N., who await the birth of their child.  Calm their fears when they are anxious.  Watch over and support these parents and bring their child into this world safely and in good health, so that as members of your family they may praise you and glorify you through your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, now and forever. Amen.

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