5 Gifts to Build a Culture of Life

‘Tis the season for giving.  While we think of our loved ones, and those less fortunate than ourselves, spare a thought for what you personally might give throughout 2012 to help build a Culture of Life.  Here are 5 top ideas.

Spread the Word.  Use every opportunity you can to promote life – at work, school, Church, online, with your friends…  Don’t be afraid to speak up and be counted.  If someone you know needs help and support with a crisis pregnancy, ask them to ring 0800 FOR LIFE.

Volunteer.  Each person has been given special talents that can help build a culture of life.  We are always in need of practical help in our John Paul II Centres for Life in Auckland and Wellington.  Some ways you can help are:  general maintenance work; cleaning; sorting out donated baby goods; helping with mail outs; assisting in our resource centre (Family Life Religious Supplies); babysitting; helping with mother’s groups; write articles; research.  The list really is as long as the people who put their hand up (and volunteer jobs are not only limited to Auckland and Wellington)!

Become a Pro-Life Contact in your Church.  FLI NZ needs contacts throughout New Zealand who are willing to promote education and prayer events, hand out literature, and advocate for life in their faith communities.  The pro-life message needs to get to those who attend Church, even if it is infrequently.  Too many Christian babies lives are ended through abortion for a variety of reasons.

Donate.  We’d love to do this work for nothing, but the reality is, it costs to run an effective Crisis Pregnancy Centre.  We also provide free resources (free portable ultrasound as well as materials gathered and developed over the last 20 years), and the use of our John Paul II Centres for Life to all pro-life groups.  FLI NZ has trained many pro-lifer’s in NZ over the last 20 years so that they can educate their peers and help spread the pro-life message.  A donation to FLI NZ is an investment in the building of the Culture of Life in NZ.

Pray.  This is a spiritual battle.  No two ways about it.  While we can do many things to meet people “where they are at”, ultimately the war on life will only be won by deep, sincere prayer.  You can join FLI NZ in one of our many opportunities for prayer.

The fight to uphold the dignity of all human beings from the moment of conception through to natural death needs you!   Will you give a gift this Christmas to help build a Culture of Life in 2012?

To contact FLI NZ about volunteering click here.

To make a $5.00 donation to the work of FLI NZ click here.

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