Respect Life Month – Day Three

“We invite you who are called to bring life and love into the world to recognise anew the privilege that is your calling.  We invite you who become pregnant no matter what the circumstances of conception to welcome your little one in the way you would like to be welcomed yourself.  We invite you who are not yet married to practice the self-respect, the respect for others, and the self-restraint that you will need for a marriage based on mutual respect.  In these ways we can all work together to reverse a culture of self interest and fear that tends to cut life off, and we can open ourselves anew to the wonder of it all – becoming channels of life-giving love.”  Giving Life, Giving Love – NZ Catholic Bishop’s Conference, 2001

The NZ Catholic Bishop’s Conference has appointed October 14th, 2012 “Respect Life Sunday“. Ask your parish priest, or those who compile the Prayers of the Faithful, to include prayers for New Zealand to promote, defend and protect life from the moment of conception through to natural death. If your parish has expecting mothers, ask your parish priest if he would bless them and their pre-born children on this day.

Blessing of a Child in the Womb

May Almighty God, who has created new life, now bless the child in your womb.  The Lord has brought you the joy of motherhood: May he bless you with a safe and healthy pregnancy. You thank the Lord today for the gift of your child: May he bring you and your child one day to share in the unending joys of heaven.

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