Abstain for the Game Campaign

I have to admit, I’ve never seen anything so corny in regards to supporting the All Blacks attempt to win the Rugby World Cup. Sean Fitzpatrick’s put on voice, the car in the shape of a hand… It’s all pretty ridiculous really. The whole idea of people abstaining in order to support “The Team” is ludicrous, and I’m not sure how that will help the boys score the goals.

However… the campaign does raise a serious issue (whether it intends it or not).  While the Rugby World Cup is on, New Zealand is going to be in party mode.  And we know what that means… booze, drugs and sex… generally in excessive amounts.  There are already facebook pages encouraging people to fornicate and to even participate in orgies.  The YWCA has suggested that black condoms be handed out to promote “safe sex”.

When the world’s fans are gone there are definitely going to be some broken lives in need of healing.  How many people throughout the world are going to find themselves in situations that they will regret for the rest of their lives?  And who will be there to pick up the pieces?

Unfortunately we know what the cry from the Family Planning Association and their cohorts will be.  They will promote so-called “safe sex”.  They may even hand out free condoms to the punters.  They will be advertising and handing out the Morning After Pill (which can cause chemical abortions).  When the party’s over and the pregnancy tests turn positive they will be referring the young girls and women for abortions, terminating innocent lives.

Then there are those who will be scarred with sexually transmitted infections for the rest of their lives.  Some will loose their fertility because of these infections.  Others will pass these infections on not even knowing that they have them.  And the cycle will continue.

All who partake in risky, irresponsible sexual behaviour will suffer spiritually whether they realise it or not.

Unfortunately the “Abstain for the Game” slogan has had the reverse effect and stirred the rebellious side of certain rugby fans (maybe that was the intention all along).  There is going to be much for us to patch up at the end of this Rugby World Cup.  But we will send the message that people need to abstain from all risky behaviour – alcohol, drugs and sex – for their very own physcial and spiritual health and wellbeing.

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