RSVP 30 Year Celebration

30 years of service

Together we’ve been defending life, faith and family for 30 years. In that time the lives of more than 3,000 babies have been saved; thousands of youth and adults have been informed of the issues impacting life, marriage, and family; thousands have witnessed to life on the streets.

Now is the time for us to thank you, and to thank Almighty God for the great privilege He has given us to joyfully, and steadfastly, love, protect, defend, and serve life!

You’re invited to celebrate with the Family Life International NZ team on Saturday 10 September at 1:30pm. We will begin our celebrations with Holy Mass at Saint Michael’s Catholic Church, 6 Beatrice Road, Remuera, Auckland, and conclude with afternoon tea.

Please do let us know if you are able to attend by filling out the form below. If more than one person, please indicate the number of people attending in the “other details” box.

Some of the people who have served on the Family Life International NZ team over the years, including Jim Moran who volunteered with his wife Shirley for many years.
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