Natural Fertility Awareness

Natural Fertility Awareness, often referred to as Natural Family Planning (NFP), gives all women the knowledge to understand their unique stages of fertility and infertility throughout the month.

Grounded in science, Natural Fertility Awareness works by observing the changes in cervical mucus, which is the most accurate method of understanding hormonal activity. Learning how to chart these observations assists you to understand your cycle in order to postpone or avoid pregnancy.

Natural Fertility Awareness can also be of benefit in the diagnosis of abnormalities and assisting in navigating the different phases of women’s health, including through menopause.  

The application of Natural Fertility within marriage is a couple responsibility, requiring respect and communication from both spouses. It is naturally designed to uphold and honour the gift of marriage and intimacy.

Natural Fertility Awareness is applicable in all of these circumstances:

  • Regular or irregular cycles
  • After childbirth or miscarriage
  • While breastfeeding
  • When fertility is questionable
  • Approaching menopause
  • Post chemical contraception use
  • To manage pain and discomfort

How to learn Natural Fertility Awareness

For more information about Natural Fertility Awareness, please contact Rebecca Crowe.
Phone: 021 149 1320

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