Who are we?
Family Life International’s  mission is to proclaim the gospel of life and build the culture of life.

We commit ourselves to fulfilling this mission through:

Commitment to personal prayer and the advancement of communal prayer.

Building respect for the sanctity of life, faith and family in the context of Catholic morality by educating on all life issues from natural conception to natural death (such as contraception, abortion, sterilization, euthanasia, sex education, same-sex marriage, homosexuality, natural fertility regulation – otherwise known as natural family planning, and adoption), and by maintaining a presence in the media by providing public comment on issues relating to life, faith and family.

Serving pregnant women in crisis, and those affected by abortion.

Family Life International is a  New Zealand Catholic pro-life organisation dedicated to educating, advocating and carrying out practical work in support of life, faith and family.

We do this by providing education and formation events and resources; by advocating for life, faith and family issues in the New Zealand media; and by running crisis pregnancy centres, offering post-abortion counselling and training couples in Natural Fertility Regulation.

Our aim is to promote the full dignity and wonder of human life (from the moment of natural conception to the moment of natural death), of human sexuality, of marriage and family, and to inform and protect New Zealand women and their babies from the harm of abortion.

Our story started in April 1992 when Family Life International’s National Director Colleen Bayer, attended a pro-life/family conference in Ottawa, Canada.  There she met Fr Paul Marx OSB, PhD – the great “Apostle for Life” (so named by John Paul II). Colleen was so greatly inspired by the apostolic nature of Father Marx’s defense of life, faith and family, that she established Family Life International here in New Zealand during September 1992, in the same spirit of Father Marx’s calling.

Thanks to our generous supporters we have chapters in many parts of New Zealand running crisis-pregnancy centres providing education, formation, and post-abortion help, as well as training in Natural Fertility Regulation. We also advocate for life, faith and family in the New Zealand media from our Auckland John Paul II Centre for Life.


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful Splendour of Truth Conference.
    It was spiritually nourishing with insightful speakers and a special priviledge to meet His Emminence, Cardinal Burke, who was for me, the highlight of the weekend. Also a great place to enjoy the fellowship of families from all over.

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